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Reduce Fuel Usage 20% or More

Excessive fuel use is a drag on your company's profits. Using AwareGPS' reports and dashboard, you can quickly pinpoint ways to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption including:

  • Tracking the miles each vehicle travels
  • Identifying drivers with the highest rates of idling
  • Reducing rabbit starts and speeding (Reducing speed from 75 MPH to 65 MPH cuts fuel use by 20%)
  • Reducing driving distances by dispatching the nearest driver

Cut Down on Idling

Your vehicles burn a gallon of gas for every 60 minutes of idling. With reports such as our Idle Activity Report, you can reduce idle times by reviewing data on each vehicle such as:

  • Total idle time
  • Average idle duration
  • Total idle alerts when a vehicle or asset idles for an extended period of time
  • A ranking of your worst idle offenders

Set a custom threshold for idle time, and get notified every time that threshold is passed. By monitoring and reducing inefficient driving, you save time and money.

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Vehicle Health

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Track Maintenance Schedules

Tired of using paper to track the timing for a vehicles’ scheduled maintenance? With AwareGPS' built-in maintenance management system, you can easily monitor:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Warranty expirations
  • License renewals
  • Preventative maintenance routines

Get Maintenance Reminders

Never miss a tune-up or fall behind on routine fleet maintenance again. With AwareGPS' GPS, you can:

  • Input service schedules and events for each vehicle in your fleet
  • Establish service schedules based on mileage, hours of usage or scheduled dates
  • Keep a record of all past service history
  • Receive reminders when upcoming service events are near
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Safe Driving

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Rate & Monitor Drivers

Using AwareGPS to monitor and rate driver performance makes it easy to improve your fleet’s performance. AwareGPS keeps you up to date with:

  • Daily rankings of each vehicle and performance from best to worst
  • Reports identifying speeding activity, stops, idling and more
  • A daily driver safety score and ranking for each vehicle

View Vehicle and Driving History

Using AwareGPS' intuitive Google Maps interface, you can review detailed driving history. You can:

  • Review each driver’s daily driving history with animated, interactive route replay
  • Break each day down into detailed trip segments
  • Review stops, alerts and other key driving events
  • View street-level details to gain deeper insight
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The Driver Safety Report Card

The AwareGPS system monitors unsafe driving activity such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration. Using this data, we generate a daily driver safety report card that provides:

  • A daily performance score and grade for each driver
  • A summary of key safe driving behaviors and alerts
  • A summary of key data such as stops, miles driven and idling activity

Understanding your drivers’ performance is the first step to improving it.

Ensure Drivers Only Use Vehicles When Authorized

AwareGPS' system gives you the ability to establish the times or days of the week when your drivers are allowed to use your vehicles. Reduce wear and tear and expensive fuel usage by:

  • Setting a schedule of authorized hours
  • Receiving real-time alerts when vehicles are in use outside your schedule
  • Replay the driving details for unauthorized use
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Productivity / Efficiency

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Simple Changes Can Save You Big

AwareGPS' fleet management software goes beyond vehicle tracking. It gives you tools for improving your fleet's performance and efficiency. Using our powerful tools and reports, you can gain insights into:

  • Driving behavior: Monitor speeding, mileage, idling, harsh breaking, and stop activity using route replay and our informative Trips, Stops, and Idle Activity reports.
  • Driver safety: Review the daily performance of your drivers, as well as the safety of your entire fleet.

Better Management is Better Business

AwareGPS' fleet management software make more service calls and reach more customers every day. Tracking your fleet lets you:

  • Find and dispatch the closest vehicle to any address.
  • Generate the quickest route to any location using real-time traffic reports and an intuitive Google Maps interface.
  • Identify the start and stop times for each worker's day.
  • Automate your maintenance schedules, with automatic maintenance reminders sent to you via email or text message when service is due.
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Preventing Vehicle Theft

Locate and track vehicles in real-time in the event of a theft, and receive instant alerts for unauthorized use.

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