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GPS tracking doesn't need to be complex or expensive. Order today.

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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AwareGPS Plug-In Tracker

  • Easy as plug-and-track, the plug-in tracker installs in the OBD port of your car or truck
  • Reports every minute when ignition is on, and once an hour when ignition is off
  • Small and discrete
  • Easy to swap between vehicles
  • Uses the AT&T 3G network (outstanding coverage, no 2G worries)
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AwareGPS 3-Wire Tracker

  • Installs by connecting three simple wires
  • For vehicles without an OBD port (semi-trucks, buses, service trucks)
  • Wired installation avoids tampering - can be completely concealed.
  • Uses the AT&T 3G network (outstanding coverage, no 2G worries)
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AwareGPS Equipment Tracker

  • Easy to install
  • Reports every 10 minutes while powered and moving / every 24 hours when on battery
  • 3 month rechargeable battery
  • Small and rugged device, IP66 rated (dust and weather proof)
  • Uses the AT&T 3G network (outstanding coverage, no 2G worries)

AwareGPS Pricing Details:

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All AwareGPS devices are just $49.99 each.

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Vehicle Tracking - $19.99/mo per device.
Equipment Tracking - $14.99/mo per device.

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All sales feature a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*.


Fuel Tax (IFTA) Reporting Module

For fleets that need to file fuel tax reports with the DOT, our optional Fuel Tax module is available for an additional $11.99 per month, per device.

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* If you are not completely satisfied, return the device within 30 days and you will receive a full hardware refund. No credits for monthly fees or shipping.