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We make GPS vehicle tracking simple and easy. We help fleets improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve service.
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Instant GPS Fleet Tracking

  • View vehicles in real-time with Google Maps GPS tracking software
  • Receive updates every minute when a vehicle is started, and every hour when the vehicle is off
  • Choose from satellite, hybrid, and street-level views GPS trackers
  • Real-time traffic updates
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Review Driving History and Key Information

  • Use our interactive route replay to review a vehicle’s history and activity throughout the day
  • Each trip segment is animated and provides you with details about time of day, distance travelled, alerts for unsafe driving, and more
  • Use route replay to improve routing efficiency and resolve customer dispute
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Group Drivers, Dispatch Vehicles, and Control Access

  • Place your drivers into groups to view different markets, regions, or workgroups
  • Find the closest vehicle to service your customers
  • Send drivers on the quickest route to any address
  • Give your drivers access to only their driving information
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Geofences, Landmarks, and Unauthorized Usage

  • Set up boundaries and landmarks for key locations on the map: client location, headquarters, or employee's home
  • Create geofences (virtual boundaries on the map) of any size and shape
  • Receive alerts via email or text when vehicles enter or exit these important locations
  • Set up accepted hours of usage for each vehicle
  • Identify inappropriate use and theft
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Activity Alerts

  • Set up different events for which you want to receive alerts
  • Configure alerts for: speeding, unauthorized use, geofences, tamper alerts, and more
  • Receive alerts by email or text and determine who receives the alerts
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Dashboards and Insightful Reports

  • Use our activity dashboard to get fast, insightful data of your fleet’s driving performance
  • Evaluate driver performance based on speed, idling, mileage, and more
  • Drill down into detailed reports and identify problem drivers
  • Uncover inefficiencies, reduce fuel usage, and identify opportunities for savings
  • Compare each driver's performance against their peers
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Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

  • Create a maintenance reminder schedule for all your vehicles
  • Send reminders via email or text to anyone you want to notify when service is due
  • Set up reminders for a single vehicle and easily copy reminders to any other vehicle
  • Generate detailed reports on your fleet's maintenance history
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Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA) Made Easy

Are you an over-the-road truck driver? Do you dread preparing and filing your Fuel Tax (IFTA) reports? Then you'll want to add our optional Fuel Tax Reporting module for only $11.99 per month per unit.
  • Automatically tracks your miles and fuel by state
  • Integrates with your fuel card
  • Helps avoid unnecessary penalties
  • Data maintained for life
  • Saves time
  • Includes free training
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