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Vehicle Tracking

We make GPS vehicle tracking simple and easy. We help fleets improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve service.
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Instant GPS Fleet Tracking

  • View vehicles in real-time with Google Maps GPS tracking software
  • Receive updates every minute when a vehicle is started, and every hour when the vehicle is off
  • Choose from satellite, hybrid, and street-level views GPS trackers
  • Real-time traffic updates
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Review Driving History and Key Information

  • Use our interactive route replay to review a vehicle’s history and activity throughout the day
  • Each trip segment is animated and provides you with details about time of day, distance travelled, alerts for unsafe driving, and more
  • Use route replay to improve routing efficiency and resolve customer dispute
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Group Drivers, Dispatch Vehicles, and Control Access

  • Place your drivers into groups to view different markets, regions, or workgroups
  • Find the closest vehicle to service your customers
  • Send drivers on the quickest route to any address
  • Give your drivers access to only their driving information
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Geofences, Landmarks, and Unauthorized Usage

  • Set up boundaries and landmarks for key locations on the map: client location, headquarters, or employee's home
  • Create geofences (virtual boundaries on the map) of any size and shape
  • Receive alerts via email or text when vehicles enter or exit these important locations
  • Set up accepted hours of usage for each vehicle
  • Identify inappropriate use and theft
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Activity Alerts

  • Set up different events for which you want to receive alerts
  • Configure alerts for: speeding, unauthorized use, geofences, tamper alerts, and more
  • Receive alerts by email or text and determine who receives the alerts
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Dashboards and Insightful Reports

  • Use our activity dashboard to get fast, insightful data of your fleet’s driving performance
  • Evaluate driver performance based on speed, idling, mileage, and more
  • Drill down into detailed reports and identify problem drivers
  • Uncover inefficiencies, reduce fuel usage, and identify opportunities for savings
  • Compare each driver's performance against their peers
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Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

  • Create a maintenance reminder schedule for all your vehicles
  • Send reminders via email or text to anyone you want to notify when service is due
  • Set up reminders for a single vehicle and easily copy reminders to any other vehicle
  • Generate detailed reports on your fleet's maintenance history
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Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA) Made Easy

Are you an over-the-road truck driver? Do you dread preparing and filing your Fuel Tax (IFTA) reports? Then you'll want to add our optional Fuel Tax Reporting module for only $11.99 per month per unit.
  • Automatically tracks your miles and fuel by state
  • Integrates with your fuel card
  • Helps avoid unnecessary penalties
  • Data maintained for life
  • Saves time
  • Includes free training
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Track Anywhere

with AwareGPS Mobile Apps

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The AwareGPS mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy to manage your vehicles and equipment anytime, from anywhere. Now all the reports and data you find in your customer portal are right in the palm of your hand.

Get robust reporting on the go

  • Find information on miles, safety, stops, idling, and location
  • Filter by date and group to get right to the data you need
  • See total miles, current map locations, and even Google street views for trips

Match data with alerts

  • Receive mobile alerts for unsafe driving behavior, excessive idling, or unauthorized use
  • Follow up with details on locations, speed, and stop information from the convenience of your mobile device
  • Manage your vehicles and equipment easily while on the go

With the AwareGPS mobile app, you have the full power of AwareGPS at your fingertips and instant access to the information you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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