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Vehicle Tracking

OBD Plug-in GPS Vehicle Tracker

Our plug-in vehicle tracking device provides the easiest to install GPS tracking solution available. Simply plug the device into the OBD II port of most cars or trucks manufactured after 1996 (does not support electric vehicles), and you are ready to go.

  • Installs in seconds. If you can plug in a lamp, you can install this device
  • Provides instant, real-time GPS tracking
  • Reports once a minute when vehicle is on, once an hour when off
device image plug-in tracker


device image 3-wire tracker

Wired GPS Vehicle Tracker

For a more discreet installation, or for vehicles without an OBD II port such as electric vehicles, our Wired GPS tracker is the perfect solution. Our Wired GPS Tracker:

  • Installs with a simple 3-wire installation
  • Perfect for heavy duty vehicles such as semis, waste haulers, buses, etc.
  • Can be hidden to prevent tampering
Vehicle Tracking Pricing Details


per vehicle

  • $69.99 Devices
  • No Contract
  • Add IFTA Reporting for an additional $11.99/month per Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking Includes:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Updates every minute when a vehicle is on, every hour when vehicle is off
  • Choose from satellite, hybrid, and street-level views
  • Boundaries and landmarks geofencing
  • Interactive route replay
  • Fleet Dashboard
  • Safety Report Cards
  • Trips, stops and idle reports
  • Alerts for speeding, unauthorized use, geofences, tamper alerts, and more
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • 4G cellular network
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Vehicle Tracker Add-On

AwareGPS Dash Cam

The best dash cam solution for fleets and commercial vehicles. Analyze the road and driver behavior in real-time. Use alerts, actionable insights, and video recordings to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.

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Equipment Tracking

AwareGPS Equipment Tracker

AwareGPS' rugged, durable, and weather-resistant GPS tracker helps you find and follow valuable equipment.

  • Easy to install
  • Reports every 10 minutes while powered and moving / every 24 hours when on battery
  • Motion-activated
  • 3 month rechargeable battery
  • Small and rugged device, IP66 rated (dust and weather proof)
  • Uses the AT&T 3G network for outstanding coverage
device image equipment tracker
Equipment Tracking Pricing Details


per tracker

  • $79.99 Devices
  • No Contract

Equipment Tracking Includes:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Choose from satellite, hybrid and street-level views
  • Boundaries and landmarks geofencing
  • Interactive route replay
  • Alerts for movement, power on/off, low battery, after hours use, no signal
  • Receive alerts by email, text, or app notification
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Mobile App
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Multipurpose Tracking

Mini Tracker

The AwareGPS Mini Tracker is small, lightweight, and powerful. Add the optional weather-resistant magnetic case to your order to be able to attach to any equipment without the need for wiring or power connections.

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery tracks for up to 8 days with two hours of motion per day, and averages up to 14 days with normal use.
  • Weather-resistant

Mini Tracker Specs:

Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in x 1in
Weight: 3.36 Ounces
device image equipment tracker
Mini Tracker Pricing Details


per tracker

  • $79.99 Devices
  • No Contract
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Mini Tracking Includes:

  • Real-time GPS tracking & interactive route replay
  • Boundaries and landmarks geofencing
  • Alerts for low battery, and after hours use
  • Mobile App
  • 4G cellular network

What can I track?

  • Vehicles and small fleets - no installation necessary!
  • Mobile employees - the Mini fits easily into work bags or pockets
  • Tools and equipment
  • Valuables - toss it in instrument cases, camera bags, sports equipment
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ELD Solution

AwareGPS ELD JBus and Tablet

With the AwareGPS ELD Solution, you'll have better roadside inspections, CSA score improvement, and protection from DOT audits and interventions.

  • Easy to install
  • Connects to tablet via bluetooth
  • Portable tablet for inspections or for review by law enforcement
  • Dedicated Data Plan
  • FMCSA Certified
device image eld
ELD Solution Pricing Details


per vehicle

  • $149.99 JBus Device
    $149.99 Tablets
  • $39.99/mo
    ELD+GPS Tracking
  • $49.99/mo

The ELD Solution Includes:

  • Warnings when approaching critical violations
  • Quick acccess to reports for roadside inspections
  • Automatic driver duty status changes
  • Top-rated customer service, online help, and video tutorials
  • 100% compliance by the mandate

Add GPS and IFTA for instant, real-time GPS tracking with powerful reporting.

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