Vehicle Tracking Benefits

Our sophisticated reporting lets you improve driver safety, efficiency and cost.

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  • No Contract
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
gps car tracker
gps car tracking devices

Gain Visibility Beyond Word-of-Mouth

  • Learn the truth about how and where your vehicles are driven
  • Identify problem drivers and coach them to improvement
gps track a truck

Improve Fleet Safety

  • Monitor and reduce unsafe driving behavior
  • Quickly identify poor performers
  • Reduce the factors that lead to accidents
  • Recover stolen vehicles
gps vehicle tracking

Reduce Fuel Usage 20% or More...

  • Track and reduce unnecessary idling
  • Improve the routing and dispatching of your vehicles
  • Give dispatchers access to real-time traffic data
gps tracker

Improve Fleet Efficiency

  • Keep track of the actual hours your employees work
  • Report on daily start and finish times
  • Reduce prolonged stop times
  • Add more jobs through better dispatching
  • Stop calling around to see where your vehicles are
real-time gps tracking

Stop Unauthorized Usage

  • Instantly identify vehicles driven outside of your defined working hours
  • Review driver routes and performance to ensure assigned work is completed
  • Review the travel history of any vehicle
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Deliver Superior Customer Service

  • Increase your response times with better dispatching
  • Quickly resolve conflicts over service times
  • Give customers more accurate arrival estimates