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We're proud of the outstanding support and service our US-based teams provide.
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AwareGPS - Providing the easiest GPS fleet management solutions

Too often people make things more difficult than they need to be. Keeping things simple is what led us to create the AwareGPS fleet management system. Take a look around at competing GPS solutions and you'll quickly see why AwareGPS is different:

  • We don't make you sit through a lengthy demo (unless you want one).
  • We don't make you sign a contract.
  • We don't try to dazzle you with a million different features.
  • We never hide our pricing or make it dependent upon the size of your company (and that's because we offer the most competitive pricing available).

We've been developing GPS solutions since 2004. That's why we've taken the most used GPS features and made them intuitive and easy to use. Our customers rarely require any training... what could be easier?

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We're AwareGPS, and we want to earn your business. Give us a call and give us a try!